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Wirebending and wireproduction since 1917

We can help you with wirebending in automatic machines from ø1mm to ø10mm. If you want stamping, pressing, chamfering, threading or drilling don’t hesitate to ask us.

Quick and Smooth

You get simplicity. We bend wire with straight forward logistics.

What you need

You get the solution. We can create both tools and unique machines to make your special product in wire.

We keep our promises

You get reliability. We started bending more than 100 years ago.




Forshedaverken 106 years old

We are proud of our history and take us the liberty to brag about our age. We started at this very spot 1917 and it was the access to the waterfall possibilities that made us choose this place.

New price list for standard Products

From 2022-04-14 we have a new price list. It is due to price raises we have experienced from the war in Ukraine. You can find it under the headline "PRODUCTS" under "OUR OWN PRODUCTS" in this web page....